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"Does Lack of Magnetic Fields and Lack of Sunlight, cause loss of vision". c.Sept 22, 2011. RMFees. Spokane, WA. USA. All rights Globally and Interplanetarly.

04-21-2012 - UpDate - Spokane, WA.  USA

April 21, 2012. Spokane, WA USA.

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RMFees, Spokane, WA USA. c. 2001, and c. 2002.  

RMFees. Spokane, WA. USA. c. 2002. "Millenium Earth Scroll 8(Future ice Age).

The Author has survived cancer in 2008, 2009, and, 2012, and is currently recouperating at his living area, from the 2012 surgery. He is expected to be walking around by as early as late February 2012 and maybe into moderate walking by March and April/May 2012. 

Copyrights are only claimed by RMFees, on his original thought,  writings, videos, and music, concepts, and not on the thought and writing of others.  However, all research - writing, is permitted that scant quotations, and paraphrases may be used in any work of writing or art, to describe any extrapolation on the subject material, whether such material, is used or not.  Additionally, any bibliography provided, is intended only as a "reading sources", and does not intend to mean in any capacity that this author, agrees or disagrees, with this information.
09 -22 - 2011. spokane, wa. usa. by this author.
11 - 07 - 2011 - update - Spokane, WA - 

Note the two areas where the red arrows are pointing.
These represent the areas of a lawn, in which the house to the farthest away in this picture shadows the
lawn, and therefore everything has turned yellow from lack of sunlight.  The other indented areas, closer to the
Tree, are a function of the afternoon sun, which shines against the tree from the closer to us side of the picture and
toward the House.  But as you can see, in the picture, the shadow of the Sun falls in such a manner, that
the two places indicated, never receive any light, morning or afternoon.  The rest of the grass grows fine, where
sunlight achieves at least, a minimum amount of four(4) hours a day.
(Picture by RMFees.  09-29-2011. Spokane, WA USA.  All Rights Reserved, globally and interplanetary.)

Here is a lighter version of the picture above, made on the same day, and is highlighted in yellow arrows.
Here is a clean delineation line showing the area surrounding where no light gets in the summer time,
and the two (2) different areas where the tree itself blocks the sunlight from getting to the grass, where the tree
provides the "deadly shade".  Obviously, too much shade, is not a good idea.
(Picture. c. 09-29-2011. RMFees. Spokane, WA. USA  All rights reserved, globally and interplanetary.)
Now, I perceive that the correct version, to prevent blindness and loss of vision, and other eyesight problems, is multi-dimensional.

First, it is necessary for NASA to drum up the records of the "Mercury" programs, and "Sputnik", and other predecessors to the Man-In-space programs, and look and see "what specifically" were all the effects on animals in space, concerning the Dog and the Monkey, and any plant life forms.   Specifically
you should be looking at their then - when they were on the spacecraft - and what happened to them, after they were back on Earth, to find out how they changed differently than other creatures, which did not go to outer space for instance.  What you are looking for, is "unusual vascular degeneration, if any" in any animal which was up in outer-space the same length of time, it takes for an astronaut to develop "eye trouble".  In the meantime, you should be checking out your astronauts to make certain that after extended outer-space time, their "vascular systems of high and low blood pressure are "normal", and you should be looking for "vascular degeneration" in relationship to somewhere in the blood, a diminished flow or clotting effect, that lack of gravity systems, may be producing.  You should be studying and measuring your astronauts "vascular systems" alot, when they are in outer space.   Additonally, it is assumed that they are not going out to take a "smoke break" outside the space station or shuttle.  It is assumed that they are not "binge-ing"  on sugar or alcohol or excessive fats.  Excessive fats, protects their bodies from water loss, but it changes how their bodies relate to stress in a zero gravity situation, because it is all internal body pressures, and lack of motion, because of zero gravity.  Alcohol is a depressant which evaporates water, and which slows the body down and removes oxygen via water evaporation.  This process is intensified inside a human body, which is in zero gravity.  It eventually causes chills in the human being, because of lack of water, and it eventually causes lack of oxygen in the blood, because of lack of water in the body. Lack of oxygen can cause the blood to get sluggish, and this can actually block the flow of oxygen in the blood, which affects the eyes, causing possible slow-vision problems, or any problems associated with lack of oxygen in the blood, including and not limited to "vascular degeneration" because of zero gravity systems.

Second, lack of sunlight, is the most obvious reason why astronauts are having eye trouble.  Therefore, multiple vitamins of the mega-vitamin type is probably required, and would be enhanced with a B-100 which includes A & D.  In relationship to vitamin D, D3 is more intense, and that may work better.
Vitamin D may need to be increased to 2000 IU to 5000 IU, and a calcium supplement.  Potassium is the primary indicator, also.
On Earth, an average human being which is healthy needs, 
3400 mg of Potassium each day.  There is no way to get this, exactly by drinking Gatorade, or chewing 99 mg elemental potassium gluconate tablets. 

You start to get the idea, how Christopher Columbus finally got anybody to go with him, by offering them a continuous supply of fresh garlic and oranges and fresh fruit every day.  Potassium directly enhances the body's ability to use water correctly.
(Dandelion root, tea directly disolves gravel and stones, out of the kidneys and the gall bladder, instead of needing surgery to get rid of them.  So do not skimp on the Gov's own knowledge of Alternate care medicine, because there simply isn't any other medicines even made by man, which "are better".)  At the 
end of this page, are bibliographies relating to other solutions, including "bilberry" in which it was discovered by Air Force pilots to improve their night vision in WWII.

Additionally, and the third factor, seems to be, the need for the space craft to somehow have a "Garden aboard it of fresh growing plants, and vegetables, and herbs" that get REAL sunlight, in such a manner that it does not harm them.  Additionally, the astronauts need to be able to "stroll around inside the garden" for at least an hour or two, every day, and possibly deal with their meditation there.  The interaction between plants and human beings, is very intricate, and has much to do with human health, and seeing things clearly.  It is more about being around living things, and taking care of them, also.  The garden onboard the spacecraft, is probably a good idea, if you can just figure out how the natural light can "come in" for both the plants and the human beings, without hurting either one of them from glare or infrared or UV intensities.

Lastly, from this author's point of view, the astronauts need a gravitational field, that might be as simple as taking aboard specific "lift weight man-made magnets", and placing them at 
specifically certain places on the body.  Taped to the neck, near the Caratoid Artery, to keep the blood flow going in a normal magnetic pulse" like a "gravity heart rate".   Taped to the inner portion of the lower leg artery, taped to the chest and in the back, taped along the upper biceps and triceps both arms, and taped on the back of the hands, should probably be enough places.  The added advantage, is that this will enhance the flow of blood as if it were a gravity system, unless the zero gravity systems, affect man made magnets to not work properly, or not as well as expected.  (this would have to be discovered).

Another advantage to the use of magnets, is that specific use of them, inside space suits, may affect less tiredness, because of the blood flow constants.  Certainly magnets on the back of the hand, will probably relieve any previous pains, associated with
creeky fingers, or lack of blood getting to peripherial capilliaries.  Arthritis sufferers on Earth, experience relief from pain, by placing magnets where the pain is, until it goes away in a couple of minutes after applied magentics.  When the circulation is restored in blood systems of arthritis sufferers, the peripherial capilliaries get the needed supply of blood, and this reduces the tension, which makes the pain subside.

Another possibility, is also the use of products like 
Wobenzyme N Digestive enzymes.  Eyesight and more is affected by proper or less than proper digestion.  Enzymes used correctly have an "anti-inflamatory effect on the internals of the body" and therefore, can also be used as a pain-reliever.

However, this particular product uses Trypsin, in which there is a potential hazard to using too much of this kind of enzyme, so it should be tested with some other non-human, in outer space before attempting to use it on human beings.
The primary conclusions, of the research which brought this blog into existence, perceives that "animals" have a not so much ability to change in relationship to their internal structure, and could actually scare themselves to death, because their brain systems are not as resillient as a human being.  A human being could not necessarily scare themselves to death, because the brain is so resillient it can turn off sensitivity to external input, to make it appear as if nothing has happened.  Unfortunately, this same benefit, in human beings is the potential hinderance to
blindness in outer-space, because the human being could eventually bore themselves, and still have night vision problems with blood slow down, in zero gravity.  The dog or the monkey on the other hand, finally gets tired, and sleeps but is not bored because its brain does not deal with massive stimulus, therefore is rarely if ever bored.  On the plus side of it, the animals insides is built to operate at a faster rate than a human being, and therefore, will always have correct blood flow, even if it doesn't get the required two hours of intensive excercise in outer space, like astronauts do.

Hope this helps NASA and future astronauts of Earth, leaving for other journeys.

09-22-2011 - update - Spokane, WA - open ID:

The subject of this blog is to try to resolve the some of the possibilities of NIGHT BLINDNESS, to the extreme, in outer space, being a condition of the loss of Vitamin D from the Sun and Supplements, and the loss of Vitamin A, used to control retinal pathway health, and the possibility that the planetary loss of magnetic fields, for short or long term extensions of time, is a possible and additional reason, leading to the loss of vision, and total blindness, for astronauts, in outer space.
This blog and its contents is directed to NASA, on Earth, and additionally to assist astronauts of Earth of All Nations, to take their vitamins and minerals, and sunlight, correctly, to avoid blindness on long journeys.

More information about NASA and this subject will be added to this blog, from the top and first reading, as first is next, and last is last.  NASA Subjects are also on Amazon for Sale
(Dark Missions to "50 Years of Space Exploration" - check it out).
09 - 22 - 2011  -  Update

The author of this blog,  has seen that 
Space Blindness and loss of Vision
bother NASA Astronautics, at the International Space Station, as of 2011.    NASA had supplied special glasses to reduce "blurring vision", to astronauts, to date.     One of the Main Concerns of Astronauts, is that they will go blind, in the three(3) years, necessary to go from Earth or the Space Station to Mars.     By the time they might get there, they would potentially be blind in outer space.    This is obviously a serious and new consideration, that people on Earth are tackling, for themselves, and they do not live in outer space, most of the time.

Some persons have a condition called "scardiodosis" which may not cause any symptoms at all, yet, can be potentially fatal, and can cause blindness, and at other times, it apparently can go into remission.   Free Video, Health and Disorders is available through a link inside of, which may assist in understanding the eye, for the layperson, not a medical doctor.
Understanding the Human Eye and Eyesight,  
Diseases of the Eye, and, Color Vision, has not managed to make it at all totally understood, nor even totally curable for every disorder.

Another consideration, is one of the possible realities which may cause "blindness" is lack of light, such as the information available online relating to cave fish which have no eyes.

On Earth, the primary cause of blindness, where no other disease is present, is commonly thought to be (Vitamin D - wiki)
"lack of Vitamin D" or a deficiency of Vitamin D.   In persons with osteoporosis, sometimes as much as 2000 IU of Vitamin D each day plus 1,500 mg/ Calcium Day in three different doses increments of 500 mg each of Calcium, and 250 mg of Magnesium, 250 mg of phosphorus, 625 IU of Vitamin D, and 3,300 IU of Vit. A, as retinol palmitate (It had already been discovered in the early 21st century, that synthetic beta-carotene, called pro-vitamin A (because it can make vitamin A by way of digestion of beta-carotene), should not be used, if persons, smoke tobacco, because the combination will create cancer faster, than if the person, ONLY smoked tobacco.   It is also known that if persons, live too far North, then their bodies cannot make enough Vitamin D, from standing in the Sunshine, (a scandanavian report about ozone depletion, stating the Vitamin D deficit to people in the North.   Here, this link is included, because it relates to a subject of much closure in the USA, political and scientific circles, therefore important to link, herein, this section.)  even if they stood in the Sunshine, all day.   Since the Global shift, that this author wrote of in the infinitefieldtheoryonline,
the condition of Vitamin D deficiency possibilities is probably even more of a conditional problem, than it was before.  Without enough Vitamin D, the body cannot dissolve calcium and get it into the bones.  Also, without the correct amount of Vitamin D, human eyes can go blind.   In specific diabetes, lack of Vitamin D, can cause blindness.  Therefore, balanced nutrition is of the essence on Earth.  Possibly this is true in outer space, as well.
(see the bibliography references at the bottom of this article, which links to specific information, about these topics.)


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